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About me

 Who am I?

Hi, I am Anjali! I am an aspiring food blogger who is also interested in sharing art!

Born in a Bengali Family I am a food lover. Being the laziest and youngest member of my five siblings I learned to cook the very hard way.

After marriage, I was forced to cook to feed myself and my hubby as I was travelling a lot with my husband in different states in India.

Since I leave working with Advt Company no way to pass the time apart from my painting I took interest in cooking.

My Kitchen Journey

My mother in law was a great cook. So did my mother. But my mother only cooked veg authentic traditional Bengali dishes whereas my mother in law cooked different type of Indian dishes. My sister is also another great cook and her speciality is snacks and fusion snacks. All of them were my Guru in cooking.

27-year passed. I lived in two different continents and now I am in Edmonton. Mastered in fusion food(combining Asian, African and Western cuisines), and experiments with foods, authentic food with cultural background. 


Participated in different food competitions. I worked as a chef of African Cuisine in a cooking school in Canada. Now I think the time has come to share my enjoyable and delightful journey with you.

Passion and Love

I love to meet people, learn their new recipes and try in my kitchen. Even in remort places in India and Africa, I visited in the urban kitchen to learn the most authentic cooking. But when I am not in my kitchen you may find me in front of Canvas; yes that is my passion. Food and Art.


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